Many flash game developers have tried to create a solid flash game that embodies the great Metal Slug gameplay that everybody knows and loves, and many have failed. The awesome guys at have created this amazing game you are playing today, Commando 2.

In Commando 2, you play a hero that fights hordes of enemies and doesn't even flinch. Choose from dozens of unlockable weapons, ranging from machine guns to ninja swords.

You can only carry a set number of weapons per round, so be sure to choose wisely! To unlock more weapons and levels, after you have beat the version on our site, be sure to head over to so you can play the full version of the game with all weapons and unlockable levels.

Did you enjoy playing Commando 2? Is there anything you would like to see in the game that was left out? Please let us know what you think on the bottom of our homepage by dropping us a comment; we read each and every one! Have fun playing Commando 2, brought to you by