Commando 2 is a fantastic flash clone of everyone's favorite game, Metal Slug. MiniClip created Commando 2 with the same awesome gameplay style in mind that everyone knows and loves from the hugely popular arcade games. Now, everyone can have the same gameplay fun straight from their browser for free in Commando 2! Unlock dozens of weapons, and blast through enemies without stopping. Commando 2 has many different levels and unlockables that can be played, most of which must be played through the full version of Commando 2. Play through the first level of Commando 2 on our site and let us know what you think in the comments below. Are you a huge Metal Slug fan? Let us know how you think this game adds up against the legendary side scrolling shooter!
Commando 2 was created by the awesome folks at and is brought to you by!
  • Wahajbinanser

    best game ever

  • daniel

    so close to hacking it

    • Anonymous

      What do you mean?

  • Sandeepreddy12345

    Hi, the levels should be upgraded and use new technology like inventing helicopters and using big vans, and the graphics should be completely changed!

  • Rockeyman22

    this is better than metal slug, in metal slug you only get to carry one weapon but in this game you can carry like 8 lol

  • Inzemam2011

    i play this game all the time when im bored :D

  • Sandy_vishu007

    The commando is better than this. It is like Metal Slug , there is only little bit of change. Please while creating, create them to attract the users.

  • Abdul Fatah

    this game is just like metal slug, except free. now i don’t have to waste all of my quarters hahahha

  • Navedkhan

    this game is way too easy, they should make it harder and have 3 lives so it isnt so easy to stay alive. metal slug you die in one hit, this game you can keep going and going and going, it makes it less challenging/fun

  • Vipuldrockstar

    definitely the bow and arrow is the sickest weapon

  • Sayem Ayaz

    the multi shot bow and arrow is the coolest weapon ever, i just use that the entire time :P

  • suhail bro

    I can’t stop playing this game, it’s so much funnn!! I’ve unlocked every weapon already


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